Wild Geese
Dance Theatre

SEESAW partnered with Mr.Beam to create a 90-minutes stage projection for Wild Geese, a dance theatre inspired by a namesake poetry that honours the loyalty of love. The poem written in Jin dynasty in ancient China remains celebrated to this day. 
For a truthful historic representation, we recreated, in ink painting style, stunning scenes of palace pageants, desert battles and seasonal transitions of the time, based on relevant Chinese traditional art and historic materials. The vibrant choreography integrates perfectly with the exquisite projection of ink wash imagery, conjuring up a picture of performers dancing around in paintings.
'Wild Geese' is currently on tour across China.



舞蹈劇場「雁丘詞」的靈感取自中國金代同名詞作,該詞歌頌愛情之忠貞,傳頌至今。 SEESAW與荷蘭團隊Mr. Beam合作,為劇場創作長達90分鐘的舞台視覺設計。
Director | 導演

Art Direction | 視覺設計

Animation & Projection | 動畫及投影

Performance | 演出
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