The Taste of Yesteryear
Brand Story

Commissioned by WWAVE DESIGN, SEESAW produces an animated brand video for Macao’s time-honoured eatery “Man Lay Hong Kei”, unfolding its 70-year painstaking dai pai dong journey.
The legend starts with its founder carrying on his shoulder a pole with two baskets – one holding the ingredients, and the other the cookware – and selling noodles in the sun and rain at every corner of the town. Hong Kei has come a long way and is now a well-covered dai pai dong. Today, the third-generation owner with a good eye for quality ingredients still puts a lot of effort into maintaining the local taste, and the neighbourhood’s merry and warm atmosphere.



SEESAW受WWAVE DESIGN委託,為澳門70年老字號「萬利洪記」創作品牌故事動畫,講述大排檔經年累月的心路歷程。

Director | 導演
Jay Lei

Animators | 動畫師
John Wong
Jay Lei

Character Design & Background Art | 角色設計及背景
Jay Lei

Compositing | 合成
Jay Lei

Original Score | 作曲

Musicians | 樂手
Daniel Leong
Iat U Hong
Andrew Chi-Hin Cheong

Sound Design | 音效設計

Foley Artist | 擬音師
Sunny Chan

Supported by | 支持
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