Spring and Autumn Era in Misty Rain
Themed Entertainment

'Spring and Autumn Era in Misty Rain' is an attraction of the 'Yancheng Amusement Park'. The work recreates, with a combination of projected animations, laser lights and fireworks among other elements, the remote civilisation of Yancheng (now an ancient ruin in China’s Jiangsu province), which nurtured many great philosophies and schools of thought in the Spring and Autumn period (770-476 BC).



兩千多年前的春秋時期,淹城(今中國江蘇省境內) 孕育了多個重要的哲學及思想流派。「煙雨春秋」大型水影秀是「淹城春秋樂園」的表演節目,利用投影動畫、激光、煙火等元素重現遠古文明。動畫分成十多個章節,內容涵蓋春秋時代的自然、文化和政治等社會面貌。 SEESAW負責設計故事板和風格板,以及合成部分動畫。

Chapter - Syncretism
章節 - 雜家
Chapter - Legalism
章節 - 法家
Chapter - Princess of Yan Cheng
章節 - 淹城公主
Chapter - Spring Beauty
章節 - 春秋麗人
Chapter - School of Medicine
章節 - 醫家
Chapter - School of the Military
章節 - 兵家
Chapter - Filial Piety
章節 - 孝
Chapter - Ji Zha
章節 - 季札
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