Seasonal Context
Digital Showroom Experience

SEESAW creates at Dongpeng Ceramics’ new headquarter two pieces of digital art installations, fusing the headquarter’s modern interior design.

Inspirational Fragments
'Inspirational Fragments' expresses Dongpeng’s brand value – Technology X Art X Life – through collage on a series of geometrically shaped screens.

Seasonal Context
'Seasonal Context', themed upon four seasons, is displayed on a vertical screen at the court. The video content is inspired from each season’s natural landscapes and colour hues - lining with relevant ceramic grains and embodying the close relationship between Dongpeng’s design and nature.




在一系列的幾何形屏幕上,以拼貼風格展示了東鵬的品牌價值:科技 x 藝術 x 生活。

在中庭梯間的垂直屏幕,我們亦設計了一個以四季為題的裝置。 影像內容取自各季節中的自然景象和色調,襯托著相應的瓷磚紋理,體現東鵬設計與大自然的緊密關係。
Art Direction & Animation | 設計及動畫

Technical Support | 技術支援
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