Hong Kong Science Fair
Motion Graphic

SEESAW designed a series of lively and dynamic promotional visuals and awards ceremony visuals for the annual Hong Kong Innovation Foundation project, 'Hong Kong Science Fair'. Starting from the event theme 'Think Big, Be Innovative,' a little rocket leads a group of young scientists towards the stars, exploring endless possibilities.



SEESAW為香港創新基金的年度項目「香港創科展」設計了一系列活潑生動的宣傳影像及頒獎禮視覺。從活動主題「大想頭 齊創新」中展開,小火箭帶領一眾小科學家邁向星空,探索無限可能。
Stage Visual Montage
Motion Graphic | 動態圖像設計
Carmen Yu

Illustration | 插圖設計
Hong Kong Innovation Fundation

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