The Digital Art Series
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We have always strived to break through the original creative framework, pushing forward animation and moving image design, and the extension of the work in different forms to different spaces is the direction we have always hoped to explore.
This time we have developed the illustration series "Hold On", the animated short film "The Lighthouse" and the newly produced Animated Nature into a series of digital art installations.

Hold On
We open the light and shadow of the space like a box. Since the ordinary daily life, the breeze blowing, affecting the light and shadow dance. Simple greetings, waving hello, everything is weaving and weaving.

The Lighthouse
Jump out of the main axis of the story and gather together the roles of the original story in the city's glass curtain wall, camp, work, and life. The light from the lighthouse passes through the screen, bringing a moment of warmth and tranquility to everyone in the concrete forest.

Animated Nature
Create 3 works with ever-changing natural elements, combining images and reflections. The illusion penetrates the change into the space, and the image is transformed from nature into digital and abstract forms.



這次我們將插畫系列作品《等陣》,動畫短片作品《燈塔》及全新製作的Animated Nature,發展成數碼藝術裝置系列。 



Animated Nature
Art Direction & Animation | 設計及動畫
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