Anatomical Theatre
Museum Installation

Located in Leiden, the Netherlands, Boerhaave Museum is known for its rich collection of scientific instruments and Anatomical Theatre - an institution for anatomy education in the early modern period.
SEESAW worked with Mr.Beam to transform some components of the theatre, such as the ceiling, walls and the manikin into an immersive digital installation, taking audiences onto a journey through 500 years of European science.
The installation is on permanent display in the museum.
Winner in Spark:Experience | 2015 Spark Awards (USA)
Winner in Digital Installation | London International Design Week Awards 2015 (UK)
Best Interior Architecture Mapping | Visual Artist Award (USA)


項目由SEESAW與Mr. Beam合力完成,現於Boerhaave博物館永久展出。

最佳體驗設計 | Spark Awards 2015 (美國)
最佳數碼裝置 | 2015倫敦國際設計週(英國)
最佳室內建築光雕 | Visual Artist Award (美國)
Art Direction | 視覺設計

Animation | 動畫

Projection | 投影

Music & Sound | 音樂及聲效

Photography | 攝影
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